Tuesday, March 02, 2004

So after last night's Aristide bombshell, how is CNN following up their scoop?

Why, by ignoring it, of course. I've been watching their morning show for over an hour, and Haiti hasn't been mentioned once.

UPDATE: Spoke too soon. They tossed in a brief mention of the Marines entering Haiti, "a few days after Aristide resigned." Then at the very end of the piece they tacked on a line about Aristide still denying it.

Meanwhile the scroll at the bottom mentions that Aristide 'has a history of strange and erratic statements.' Oh well, that explains everything.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Aristide is on CNN right now, via phone, calling Colin Powell and the US government kidnappers, liars and coup plotters.


Anderson Cooper is desperately trying to play dumb, defending a translation of Aristide's supposed resignation (which talks for most of its running length about Aristide's deep respect for the Constitution of Haiti. Certainly sounds like a guy about to abandon his post, doesn't it?) when the man himself is telling him the text has been edited and distorted.

Of course as soon as the interview is over it's back to all-spin, all-the-time (apparently the Marines were sent to support Aristide... they did a great job, huh? Most of the estimates of the actual number of rebels put it in the low triple digits, maybe even in the 100s. Our Marines couldn't suppress a couple hundred poorly organized thugs?)

Just like Chavez two years ago, another coup has been bungled. And it's now plastered all over the news, exactly what the White House didn't want.
According to Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Aristide was forced out of Haiti by the US, and didn't resign.

So far according to Google News, only the Toronto Star, among all the mainstream media outlets, has even tangentally referred to this, even though it's been four hours since Waters talked to Democracy Now!

This isn't some konspiracy kook. This is a sitting member of Congress accusing the Bush government of engineering a coup d'etat in a democratic country.

There's certainly nothing newsworthy there. Move along, move along, nothing to see...

Sunday, February 29, 2004

Just so everybody is clear on FCC guidelines these days... it's OK to randomly call innocent people 'terrorists' on a whim, but you're not allowed to be Howard Stern. Inciting racial hatred is just fine, but having a potty-mouth is verboten.

America -- love it or leave it. Or whatever.

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