Saturday, June 05, 2004

One more reason to avoid the news: the endless, fawning Reagan pieces we're about to be deluged with.

Great Communicator my ass. Bill Casey, not Reagan, beat Carter, and Bozo could have beaten Mondale. All Reagan did was establish the modern template for how administrations end -- eyeball-deep in scandal.
WTF? The 'black Jesse Helms'? Does anyone on either side of this little tiff have a clue how oxymoronic that is?

Maybe watching a certain 1990 Helms ad might remind them...

No? How about Helms' attempt via filibuster to stop the bill that created Martin Luther King Day?

Not to invoke Godwin's Law or anything, but the idea of a 'black Jesse Helms' is only a half-step less silly than a 'Jewish Hitler'.
As this AP piece hints, Tenet is being prepped as the fall guy for the Bush administration's multitudinous failings:

As attention turns to who will run the CIA, investigators are about to issue reports that are expected to castigate the spy agency and its top leaders for intelligence failures on Sept. 11 and Iraq. A version of one report has been in the CIA's hands for three weeks.

Of course the idea that Tenet is one bad apple in a big shiny barrel of dedicated public servants is, well, pathetic, so undoubtedly Big Media will latch onto it with both claws.
You probably already know about Bush talking to a lawyer, as the Plame investigation's slow burn bubbles on.

Well, this is probably why he sought counsel -- Cheney has already been questioned by investigators in the case.

And as the article points out, the questioning of reporters is supposed to be the last resort, so the subpoenas sent out to Rusty et al a little over a week ago is probably the final stage of the grand jury investigation.
Aaaaand... I'm back.

Between couch-surfing and being stupid busy at work I haven't had much opportunity for blogging. Let's see if I can't start to fix that this weekend.

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