Saturday, July 31, 2004

I am very curious to see whether the escalating violence leading up to the Afghanistani elections -- assuming they even happen on schedule in October -- gets much play in the US press, or has an impact on our own elections in November.

Of course by then I half-expect the results in November to be a foregone conclusion, but yaneverknow.
The news is turning into some sort of PT Barnum sideshow. No longer are they pretending to be normal... now they reveling in their self-inflicted deformity.

SEE! Paul Krugman slam their vapid coverage!

WATCH! Atrios catch CBS Executive Producer Jim Murphy both blowing and sucking!

GASP! As CBS' coverage shoves its head up its own ass!

Now where the heck is that Egress? I paid good money to see it! I want the Egress!

Friday, July 30, 2004

Remember how the last refuge of the hawks in any Iraq argument used to be, "But the Iraqis are better off with Saddam gone!"

Ah, those were the days... apparently fucking things up royally might have been worse than doing nothing at all.

Are there any valid, or even invalid, reasons left for the invasion, or has that annoying reality debunked them all?
Reuters points out something interesting about the Congressional investigation into fraud and abuse in the Iraq CPA:

CPA Inspector General Stuart Bowen said his findings were not unexpected given that the CPA and contractors were working in a volatile, dangerous environment.

"These results are not surprising: the CPA faced a variety of daunting challenges, including extremely hazardous working conditions," the former White House lawyer said in a letter accompanying the report.

Former White House lawyer, hmm? Well, that could mean a lot of things.

Or not.

So this was the best spin a Bush insider could put on things? Yikes.
What? Why would anyone stuff photocopies in their socks? See, friends, it makes no sense...

Or, should this indeed turn out to be true, more likely Rush and his cohort of rabid poodles will just conveniently forget that Sandy Berger ever existed. Big Media certainly has.
I stayed away from blogging during the convention, just to try and watch the coverage like a real human being instead of a conglomeration of wires, chips and brain cells.

To sum up: Obama's speech kicked ass. Al Sharpton was on fire. Kerry did what he had to do, and actually showed remarkably human-like qualities. (My favorite line: "The future does not belong to fear, it belongs to freedom!" Very Mel-like there, John, good stuff.)

Other than that, yawn. But that's about par for the course.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

More sports! Woo hoo!

Kerry is on ESPN right now, sitting in the stands of the Sox-Yankees game, and guess what? He sounds like he knows what he's talking about!

Jon Miller asks him about last year's playoffs, and Kerry talks about "Grady" making a mistake by not taking Pedro out. Miller asks him if David Ortiz is going to be in his cabinet, and Kerry jokes that 'it depends on the commissioner' -- referring to Ortiz's pending suspension. Kerry talks about 'the writers' deciding whether Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame, indicating he has some passing familiarity with the Hall voting procedures.

Can we put this ridiculous 'Kerry is faking when he pretends to be a sports fan' nonsense to rest now? He screwed up a player's name, horrors! Bush butchers the English language on a daily basis, and nobody cares. (Can you say Abu Ghraib? Bush can't!) Kerry mangles the names of two Sox players -- and I'd be really curious if the question that prompted the gaffe came out of the blue in the middle of a bunch of political talk -- and it becomes a tell-tale sign of his weak character.

Inevitable freeper response: He was coached on the Miller questions before-hand! An opinion poll told him to say nice things about Roger Clemens, and bad things about the DH! He's a flip-flopping phony French flip-flopper!
This just in: Kaus is not a sabermetrician!

Note especially poster Social Scientist's comment:

Eddie Yost was a mediocre hitter who became an All-Star by letting the opposing pitcher screw up: he often led the league in walks, was near the top in on-base percentage. Boring, seemingly passive, reliable, effective...

Right. Maybe Kerry's being candid, not phony. What does it say that he admires a player who got on base not by hitting but by walking? Hmmm.

That he's read Bill James? Oh, but wait -- Kerry didn't say he admired him, he said he was his favorite. If Kaus weren't such a pasty-faced girlie-man* and actually followed sports, maybe he'd have a clue what the difference was.

* - cheap shot, or non-lie? We report, you decide!
This is surreal. Mickey Kaus is on CNN as their blogging 'expert', talking about how it's OK to toss slurs around (i.e. 'Kerry is soporific and frozen-faced') just so long as you don't lie (i.e. 'Kerry slept in a townhouse!') Strangely enough, every single example Mickey trots out is anti-Dem ('In the mainstream media, you can't talk about how Richard Holbrooke is happy about Sandy Berger's troubles, but you can in a blog.') What are the odds?

He at least had the good grace to admit you can be "obsessive" on a blog.

The meme I now hate: 'mainstream media, as opposed to blogs.' Meme I'd like to see replace it: 'The maintream media is out of the mainstream'. The Onion, of course, is way ahead of me.

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